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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

consejos de belleza de mis amigas en China (Gracias Li, Ma, Chen y Sun!!!)

Mis queridos Bloggers, no he tenido tiempo de traducirlo, pero no dudo que sabrán aprovechar estos consejos.-

Desde el Kimchi de ayer, y estos tips de hoy, nos llevan a comprender algo más la belleza de las mujeres orientales.
Siempre traigo perlas en polvo de mis viajes.... una maravilla la máscara!!!

It's widely known that many Asian women have seemingly flawless skin. And their beauty appears to be effortless – although there are plenty of tricks that Asian women use to stay looking so youthful. In addition to their beauty tricks, they also keep the basics in mind too like a balanced diet and eating in moderation. Of course, you're probably not reading this article to rehash basic beauty tips, so let's stay on the subject of Asian beauty secrets.

One of the best ways you can get to the bottom of these secrets is by paying attention to what's typically seen in Asia. In many Asian countries, their spas offer beauty detoxification treatments that use pure sea salts, milk, papaya, buttermilk and milk. You'll also see skin softening treatments with the use of essential oils like ylang-ylang, lavender, rosemary and sandalwood.

But since it's unlikely that you'll take a trip to an Asian spa every week, here are some Asian beauty secrets that offer beautiful skin from the comforts of your own home.
Chinese, Japanese & Korean Beauty Secrets
Warm vs. Cold
Beautiful Asian Woman

In Western cultures, women typically drink cold sodas, ice tea, lemonade, or ice water with their meals. And while this is refreshing, the only problem with drinking chilled or iced liquids with meals is that the cold drinks travel through your body while solidifying the fats from food. Going further, cold drinks make it harder for your body to digest and dissolve unwanted fats that are found in your food. Asian women, on the other hand, will drink warm liquids like warm water, tea or coffee with meals. Warm drinks help keep the fats in your foods fluid, which aids your body in digesting and dissolving fat as it passes through your system. Drinking warm liquids like white, green tea and oolong tea has also been said to reduce the risk of clogged arteries, and drinking a warm glass of water when you wake up will give your metabolism a boost.
Face Massage

For a refreshing instant facelift that doesn't require a knife or scalpel, massage your face every morning to keep it looking supple. Use your first three fingers together to add deep pressure in circular motions to the under eye area. Apply this pressure for three seconds, and then lift your fingers to reposition them, and repeat slightly toward your ears. Then massage in the same manner on your eyebrows, jaw, forehead and collar bone.

Your face isn't the only part of your body that can show aging signs; your hands and feet also need to be pampered on a regular basis. There is a well known saying among Chinese women that a woman's hands are her second face, which makes it valid to use your anti-wrinkle skin serums on hands, elbows, knees and feet. Use a moisturizing body lotion on your entire body as well to ensure healthy-looking skin.

Massaging moisturizer into you hands and feet daily can have positive affects on your entire body since they have the most important acupoints on the body. Moisturizers made with chamomile and peppermint are most commonly used to soothe hands and feet. Getting your feet rubbed not only feels amazing, but according to Chinese medicine, it can increase blood flow to help in lymphatic drainage, speedy healing to all areas of the body, and detoxifying.
Hair Growth

Asian women often have shiny hair, which may be due to a hair growth treatment known as camellia nut oil. This nut oil is a great scalp treatment for promoting hair growth, and doubles as a skin conditioner for your face or body. You can find camellia nut oil easily in Asian countries, and can even use it to treat burns or stretch marks.
Foods You Eat

Eat foods with nucleic acids like animal livers, mushrooms, honey, ginseng, and yeast to reduce wrinkles from the inside-out. Japanese women value these foods, and they normally have smooth and wrinkle-free skin as a result of eating foods containing nucleic acid. Other foods to incorporate into your diet are chicken fat, fish skin, chicken wings and fish heads – although you should not eat these foods if they have been fried. The best ways to prepare these foods involves boiling or steaming them for soup. The fats in these foods contain natural anti-wrinkling oils that increase your skin's elasticity.
Pearl Powder

All throughout Asian and Chinese medicine, pearl powder is known for its age-reversing properties, and also for making skin feel soft, supple and more elastic. Pearl powder can be used topically or taken orally, and it works from the inside-out. There aren't any products on the market that can mimic pure and genuine pearl powder, so it isn't worth spending money unless you know for certain that what you are buying is real pearl powder.

To use pearl powder topically:

mix 1-2 teaspoons of pearl powder with an egg white and a dash of warm water.
Apply the mask mixture to you face and neck areas, leave the mask on for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Use this mask one or two times weekly for maximum results.
Eye Care

Since the eyes are the windows to your soul, it is only fitting that you treat them well and maintain their beauty. A little-known Asian secret is to lightly saturate a cotton cloth with olive oil, and then massage the eyelashes and lids to remove makeup. This treatment is very useful at keeping your eyes healthy-looking and youthful.

Looking at things from a broad perspective, these tips will definitely help you look better, but if you smoke, binge drink, or eat a lot of unhealthy food, keep in mind that you will only get minimal results. Diet and exercise are also important to look and feel your best so get your blood moving with half an hour of exercise a day, and eat a balanced diet. Also, don't forget to pamper your skin with the aforementioned Asian beauty secrets that japanese, korean, chinese and other asian nations know for centuries.

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